Oscars Table indeed.

Going out on a whim to try something new without a recommendation is always going to be a hit & miss situation. A couple of nights ago, I ventured out to Oscars Table on the New Quay Promenade in Docklands and was pleasantly surprised.

There was an ambience and feeling about the this place that I liked, It was during the week and there didn’t seem to be many people around, but I felt comfortable as I watched the sun set over the Bolte Bridge.

We kicked back whilst perusing the ample menu which consisted of a blend of asian and spanish style tapas.

Being impressed with the description of the dishes, I decided to set a huge task of trying nine of the dishes from the ‘Shared Plates’ section of the menu. The Paringa Estate Riesling from the Mornington Peninsula complimented a large portion of the dishes that would be tasted during the evening.

Please do yourself a favour when dining at Oscar’s, you must try the Son-in-law eggs with tamarind and chilli caramel, dried prawn and crisp leek. These will literally blow your socks off with the amazing rich asian flavours.

Bacon & Pea Croquettes were simple to look at, yet offered an amazing infusion of flavours when you cut into the soft and delicate centre.

Meatballs with a spiced sugo and fresh basil was very rich with the tomato flavours which required a subtle palate with a hint of saltiness.

Chargrilled octopus with paprika and chickpeas a la grecque was delicate, marinated and seasoned perfectly. This accompanied the Riesling amazingly and was a true fit.

In the next round of dishes there was yet another stand-out, this time it was the grilled canadian scallops with pancetta, crushed peas and truffle oil. The essence of this dish had all the factors that I consider to be essential when compiling creative meals, complementary flavours, cooking styles, design and the overall feel of the dish. Wicked!

Tuna tataki with wasabi mayo, pickled radish and sesame was a delicate and fine dish that required all of the ingredients to make this dish work! Yet another dish I could have over and over again.

The service was good, the meals were served at appropriate intervals and I would suggest this spot with a few friends to enjoy a social night out.

As I mentioned above, the dish I would have to rate at 10/10 would be the Son In Law Eggs…..I relish to have this again very soon.


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