Recently I travelled to Zimbabwe for my younger brothers wedding. I packed lightly and packed 3 books to read as I was expecting a quiet and relaxing time, with not much to do but read, boy was I wrong.

Arriving in Bulawayo, I soon realised that this trip would be life changing, the people, the culture and the wildlife were literally right there waiting for me, so without hesitation I had to get out my camera and explore.

The first day began by meeting the new family members and trying to adjust to the time difference. By that afternoon the fun had really started , I was off to visit some attractions and start the trip.

I will not however bore you with the graphic details about my day to day doings, but will share a couple of the more memorable things I saw whilst in Zimbabwe.

traditional huts
my first African sunset
not an uncommon sight on the roads
the african zulu on our trip along the Zambezie
a rare 'white headed vulture'
sunset on the Zambezi River
teaching the giraffe calf to drink from a water hole
finally caught a 'black rhino' on sunset, so this is the best shot I could capture
stopped on the way to Victoria Falls to chat with some local children. They were so very polite and their english was amazing.
Victoria Falls during the dry season. During the wet season you are not able to see the rocks.
this would have to be my favourite picture of the trip, this bull elephant walked directly towards us. (Hwagne National Park)
a foal with it's mother.
spotted this when fishing in a fresh water lake. Not the best time to fall into the water.

I was privileged to see all the great things that Zimbabwe has to offer and look forward to heading back shortly for some more expeditions.

From all of the reports that I had read before leaving, which none were great, I am glad to let you know that Zimbabwe was a safe, friendly and an amazing place to visit.

http://www.lonelyplanet.com/zimbabwe has some great tips and advice.


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